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Introducing our new LED Camping Light, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and campers alike. This portable light is equipped with ultra-bright LED bulbs, providing a reliable source of illumination during nighttime activities. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry on outdoor adventures, while the durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of camping. The LED Camping Light also features multiple lighting modes, including a dimming option for saving battery life. Whether you're setting up camp, hiking through the wilderness, or simply enjoying a night under the stars, this versatile light is the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion.

LED Camping Light

  • LED Ambient Light

    Rechargeable portable camping light With Fishing light
    Power: 7w
    Dimming mode: 100%/50%/10%
    Angle: 120°
    IP: IP54
    Size: 105*105*56mm
    Battery capacity: 4000mA
    Working time: 100% 12h,50% 18h,20% 25h, SOS long press
    Charging time: 2h
    Charging way: Type C
    Installation: hoisting, magnetic suction installation.
    Support portable mobile phone charging

    1.-High Lumen and Long Battery Life

    800LM could help you keep a clear vision in any dark environment.4000mAh can maintain the highest brightness for 12 hours of continuous use, and over 25 hours of continuous in the lowest level.

    2.-IP54 Waterproof

    IP54 Waterproof level could keep the light in any severe extreme weather, could use in outdoor at any time. suitable for power outages, emergency usage and hurricane

    3.- Also a Portable Charger

    4000mAh high-capacity could Large capacity can charge your mobile phone at least twice, for you in any emergency

    4.- Convenient to use

    This portable camping lantern comes with one hook and magnet, at the base that can hang the tent light upside down to get better light when lighting up a big area. The magnet could adsorbed on a large area of metal, due to the small size of the magnet, only belongs to the auxiliary role, please use it with caution

    5.- Brightness Adjustable and SOS

    Simply Long Press the switch of the tent light into the flash mod, While short press it can adjust the brightness to meet your need.

    6.- Small angle illumination

    The beam angle is 8 degrees, which can be used for long-distance small angle illumination such as outdoor fishing.

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