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LED light strips are a fun and easy way to freshen up a room, whether it's adding bursts of color to a media center, a wall, or even beneath a bed, or simply delivering much-needed lighting to a dark region under a cabinet. Water-resistant versions even make it simple to add illumination to your patio, deck, or garden walk. Smart strips can also be integrated with the rest of your lighting system or just respond to music or other sounds in the home.

We tested ten common LED light strips to help you decide which one is best for you. We've found the best LED light strips available for any scenario, whether you're searching for indoor or outdoor lighting, responsive smart strips, or something simple.

LED light strips beat the competition by offering brilliant, constantly changing colors, simple controls, and more coverage for your money. Smart home integration is simple, does not require a hub, and is simple to install with a strong adhesive backing. If you want the most color effects and coverage for your money, look no further. Unlike RGB lights, RGBIC light strips (IC stands for "Independent Control") may display many colors at once. That means you can use the Led strips app to customize different segments of the strip to show different colors or create lighting effects that look like the lights are jumping, cascading, or chasing each other, with individual diodes turning on and off or changing color rapidly for a rolling or snake-like effect. There are dozens of preset scenarios to choose from, as well as more than 11 music modes, making this ideal for a teen's bedroom, a dorm room, or for hosting a party. They're a lot of fun to use.

Because the strips are voice reactive, they will flash and dance in rhythm to the music when connected to your sound system.

The light strips are available in lengths of 16 feet, 32 feet, and 64 feet, and are commonly separated into two reels that share a single power connection and control box for manual use. They're thin, with a light coating over the diodes, and they bend easily for installation.

The lights are colorful and moderately bright (equivalent to a string of 60W lightbulbs), accurate to color, and can be lowered to provide atmosphere when needed. They can be used without a hub to interface with voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant), providing you control over colors, schedules, music, and much more.

No problems connecting or positioning the lights with the adhesive backing.

Khun LED light strips are also less expensive than others with comparable qualities – in other words, you get longer lengths and more coverage for less money. These light strips will not disappoint when combined with the simple-to-use led strip app and color-changing special effects for entertainment and amusement.

Given the system's overall great performance and value, our problems with the LED strips are really small.

The most vexing disadvantage here (which is shared by all RGBIC strips) is that the Strip Light cannot be cut to size because of the embedded chips that enable the different color effects. This means that unless you intend to use a full run (the smallest length available is 16 feet) to illuminate your media center or gaming battle station, you may find up with a lot of surpluses to store. Strip Light also sells an RGB version of these that can be trimmed to length, but the color effects are restricted, and we prefer the RGBIC version overall.

A large variety of led strips coming soon

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