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Introducing our LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight 35W.PANI series—an exceptionally efficient and versatile lighting solution for various applications. This spotlight, boasting a power output of 35W, is designed to meet the demands of both residential and commercial spaces, offering superior illumination and energy efficiency.

One of the standout features of the LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight is its customizable beam angle, available in either 24º or 36º. This flexibility allows you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs, whether you require focused, intense light for task areas or a broader spread for general illumination. With a luminous flux of 3400 lumens, this spotlight ensures ample brightness, making it ideal for highlighting key areas or creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.

Our spotlight comes with a standard correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3000K, which produces a warm and inviting glow perfect for creating cozy, comfortable environments. However, we understand that different settings may require different lighting tones, so we offer customization options. Simply contact us to adjust the color temperature to better suit your project’s needs, ensuring you achieve the desired ambiance.

Color rendering is a critical aspect of quality lighting, and our LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight excels in this area with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90. This high CRI means that colors under this light will appear vibrant and true to life, an essential feature for spaces like art galleries, retail stores, and anywhere accurate color representation is crucial.

Aesthetically, the LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight is available in three sophisticated finishes: black, gray, and white. These neutral colors allow the spotlight to seamlessly blend into various interior designs and architectural styles, adding a touch of modern elegance without overwhelming the space.

Durability and ease of installation are also key considerations. The track-mounted design of this spotlight makes it simple to install and adjust, offering versatility in positioning and direction. Whether you’re setting up a new lighting system or upgrading an existing one, the LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight provides a straightforward and reliable solution.

In summary, the LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight 35W.PANI series combines high efficiency, customizable features, and superior color rendering to deliver exceptional performance in any lighting application. Its sleek design and versatile functionality make it an ideal choice for illuminating a wide range of spaces, from residential settings to commercial environments. Choose our LED Panel Multiled Track Spotlight for a lighting solution that offers both style and substance, ensuring your spaces are beautifully and effectively illuminated.

LED Panel Multiled Track spotlight 35W

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