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Introducing the LED Portable Light 1.5W KH702T, a compact and versatile lighting solution perfect for any situation. With its 1.5W power output, this portable light emits a bright and efficient LED light, making it ideal for outdoor activities, emergency situations, or simply as a convenient light source on the go. The KH702T features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing for extended use without the need for constant replacement of batteries. Its lightweight and durable design make it easy to carry and use anywhere, and its long-lasting LED technology ensures reliability and energy efficiency. Whether you need a reliable light source for camping, hiking, or as a backup during power outages, the LED Portable Light 1.5W KH702T is the perfect choice for any lighting need.

LED Portable Light 1.5W KH702T

  • LED Outdoor Portable Light
    Aluminum cover&pole+Iron base+PC diffuser                                                   LED: SMD 1.5W

    CCT: 3000K or 4000K                                              

    Lumens: Efficient 90±10% LMS,Module: 160±10% LM          
    Touch Switch, Stepless dimmable 5%-100%.                                                    TYPE-C charging port with 1 m cable and USB connector 3.7V 1x2200mAh Li-ion battery

    Input: 5V 1A. Charging time: 3-4h                                                                     Working time: 6h                                                                    


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