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Introducing our versatile and durable LED Strip light 12W Indoor and Outdoor, available in a range of waterproof ratings including IP20, IP65, IP66, IP68, and IP68C to suit various indoor and outdoor applications. With a power output of 12W, these LED Strip lights provide bright and uniform illumination, perfect for accent lighting, task lighting, or architectural lighting. The IP20 option is ideal for indoor use where moisture exposure is minimal, while the IP65, IP66, and IP68 options are suitable for areas with higher levels of moisture and dust. For the most extreme conditions, the IP68C option offers protection against continuous submersion in water. Our LED Strip light 12W is easy to install and offers energy efficiency and longevity that make it a cost-effective lighting solution. Choose from our range of IP ratings to find the perfect LED Strip light for your specific lighting needs.

LED Strip light 12W Indoor and Outdoor

  • Certified by UL, CE, RoHS.

    ◆ Safety voltage DC12V

    ◆ CRI 80+, 90+, 95+ for options.

    ◆ Easy installing for many ways(3M tape or Aluminum Profile).

    ◆ Can be cutting into small units (with a “scissors” sign on the LED strip) or connecting at your will.

  • Size(L*W) 5000*10mm

    Color 2700K/3200K/4200K/6000K

    LED type and Qty./m 2835*60 leds

    LED Degree 120°

    T℃ -25~55℃

    Voltage DC12V (24V)

    Power 12W-14W/m

    Brightness 1200lm/m @4000K

    Installation 3M tape or Aluminum Profile

    CRI 80+, 90+

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