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Introducing the Led Track Spotlight 20W TUBI20, the perfect solution for illuminating any space with precision and style. With a power driver supply from Alloking and a Philips LED Lamp Source, this spotlight packs a powerful punch with a power output of 20W and a luminous flux of 100lm/W. The beam angle can be customized to 15˚, 24˚, 36˚, or 50˚ for the perfect lighting effect, while the direct symmetrical light distribution type ensures even illumination. Made with high-quality PC lens material and featuring electrical protection class I and an IP20 rating, this spotlight is a fantastic choice for any lighting application.

Led Track Spotlight 20W TUBI20


    Lamp Housing Alum Die-Casting-Electrostatic powder coating Heatsink Alum Die-Casting-Electrostatic powder coating Reflector Led Lens
    Installattion on 3 phase track
    Brand of Chip Phillips, Bridgelux, Cree
    Manufacture of Led Driver Alloking, other brands as an option
    Input Voltage AC220-240V 50/60Hz
    Driver Integrated
    Operating Temperature Range -15 to +35
    Maintenance of Lumen-L70 50000 hours at 25C
    Driver Life TIme 50000 hours. 5 Years Warranty.                                                General Application Interior use, Commercial, Industrial , Leisure

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