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Introducing our P28S LED Bulb 10W, the perfect choice for those seeking energy-efficient lighting solutions. This bulb is designed to fit a P28S base and operates at a power of 10W, making it a great replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. It operates on a voltage of 100-240V AC, making it suitable for a range of lighting setups. With its long-lasting lifespan and low energy consumption, the P28S LED Bulb 10W is a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution for any space.


  • Flicker-free

    Ceramic + PC

    3 years warranty

    Suitable for application in dump locations

    Suitable for use in totally enclosed lighting fixture

  • Voltage 100-240V AC

    BASE P28S


    Power 9.5W

    Lumens 1250lm

    Dimension(mm) ∅34x119

    Weight 76g

    P.F 0.5

    CRI 80/90/95

    SDCM 4/6


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