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Introducing our T5 LED Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm, the ultimate lighting solution for both commercial and residential spaces. This state-of-the-art LED tube is specifically designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes, providing an array of benefits that make it an ideal choice for modern lighting needs.

One of the primary advantages of our T5 LED Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm is its remarkable energy efficiency. Operating at just 8 watts, this tube significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. This not only leads to lower electricity bills but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint. The tube's efficient power usage does not compromise its performance; it delivers a bright, even light that enhances visibility and comfort in any setting.

The T5 LED Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm is particularly suited for offices, kitchens, and commercial spaces, where consistent and reliable lighting is crucial. Its bright and uniform illumination helps create a productive and pleasant environment, whether you’re working, cooking, or shopping. The superior quality of light provided by this tube ensures that spaces are well-lit without the flicker or glare commonly associated with older lighting technologies.

One of the standout features of our T5 LED Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm is its direct AC operation. This innovative design eliminates the need for a separate ballast, simplifying the installation process. Without the need for additional components, installing this tube is quick and straightforward, reducing both time and labor costs. This makes it an excellent choice for retrofitting existing lighting systems or installing in new construction.

Durability and longevity are key attributes of our T5 LED Tube. Designed to offer a significantly longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent tubes, it reduces the frequency of replacements and associated maintenance costs. This long-lasting performance ensures that you enjoy high-quality lighting for years to come, making it a cost-effective investment for any business or home.

Upgrade to our T5 LED Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm and experience the benefits of cutting-edge LED technology. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with lower energy costs, reduced maintenance, and superior lighting quality. Transform your spaces with this efficient, reliable, and easy-to-install lighting solution, and enjoy a brighter, more sustainable future.

T5 Led Tube 8W AC Direct 60cm

  • Material GLASS

    Length 60cm / 2ft 

    Power 8W

    Lumen 1050lm

    Lm/w 131lm/w

    Packing Corrugated sleeve

    Certification CE,ERP


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