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Introducing our T8 Led Tube 15W HF 120cm, the perfect solution for businesses and households looking to upgrade their lighting while reducing energy costs. This tube offers a brightness of 1800 lumens, providing a clear and well-lit environment in any room. Its 15W power consumption makes it an energy-efficient option, cutting down on electricity usage and costs. With a standard length of 120cm, this tube is compatible with most existing fixtures, making it an easy retrofit solution. Additionally, the high frequency feature ensures flicker-free and glare-free lighting, promoting a comfortable and productive atmosphere. Upgrade to our T8 Led Tube 15W HF 120cm today and enjoy long-lasting, high-quality lighting at an affordable price.

T8 Led Tube 15W HF 120cm

  • Material GLASS

    Length 120cm / 4ft 

    Power 15W

    Lumen 2400lm

    Lm/w 160lm/w

    Packing Corrugated sleeve

    Certification CE,ERP


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