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Industrial  lighting

products for your lighting projects

In nelux industrial,  we offer a huge products range specifically for industrial applications and high-end lighting projects. The main benefits of our products are low power consumption and high reliability an emphasis on keeping the operational costs sensible and a user-friendly experience. Our LED lighting products utilize only the best and most current components. We are also specialized in custom manufacturing tooling machining lighting products for your lighting projects and design your own light fixtures. Since 2010 working as lighting product designers and making your own lighting fixtures. Also, we can play an important role as lighting products consultancy we manage custom mold making and injection molding, we make your own molds and as custom lighting manufacturers we design the product as you want.


Luxury  LED floodlight Series  are used for the illumination of facades and buildings. This light system takes maximum advantage of the light emitted, reaches 90% and only loses 10% of heat, so it barely emits C02 emissions. In addition, LED projectors are ultra low power, do not give off ultraviolet radiation, or infrared and have a life cycle

Outdoor lighting

Led outdoor light series are fashionable and industrial-commercial led lighting fixtures to come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of different settings, depending on requirements. Outdoor lights commonly used in public areas such as car parks, industrial areas, swimming pool, fountains, public park areas, large outdoor parking lots, outdoor shopping malls as well as domestic areas such as private outdoor garages, private swimming pools, private gardens ... The technology also removes the annoyance of flickering due to the LED lights not needing to warm, as soon as the light switch is activated, the wall recessed luminaires light up.

LED LAMPS Khünsonne

LED lamps, which are the newly & modern equivalent of traditional lamps. But led lamps full with the best advantages, especially it adopts LED as the light source is not only saving more energy, but also save more money. More importantly, compared to the traditional bulbs,  led lamps can provide a more stylish look. High quality led lamps would play a very significant role in the entire project. 


Led lamps are the best replacement for traditional lamps.

You can choose from a great variety. Check out our catalog and the widest range of led lamps.

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